In an extraordinary feat, we have shattered records by granting over $120,000 in loans this month —a testament to our unwavering commitment to Shia students. This marks our highest-ever issuance within a single application cycle, showcasing our dedication to fostering growth within our vibrant community.

As we stand on the threshold of progress, the sum total of interest-free loans bestowed upon the deserving students of our community now stands at an astounding $2,655,000! With the help of our members and through the grace of Allah SWT we hope to substantially increase this number in the coming years.

Of the 34 applications received, 27 were approved (84%), 2 were withdrawn by the applicants and 5 were not approved due to various factors.

Of the approved applications, 3 are pursuing doctorate level degrees, 11 are Masters level students, and 13 are undergraduate students.

We wish luck and success to all the borrowers and encourage those that were rejected in this cycle to submit completed applications for the next cycle for due consideration of their applications.

Please keep our organization and these students in your duas – and spread the word of our noble mission.

Fall 2023 Successful Candidates  

Noor Shirazi (Bachelors in Nursing)
Ahmed Shahzad (Masters in Public Administration)
Sara Sadiq (Bachelors in Nursing)
Sakina Rizvi (Masters in Public Health)
Qasim Rizvi (Bachelors in Biology)
Syeda Tanzeel Zehra (Masters in Public Health)
Kisa Zehra (Bachelors in Nursing)
Mohammad Ali (Ph. D in Renewable Energy )
Mehdi Haghkar (Medicine)
Hani Hasan Naqvi (Bachelors in Business Administration)
Sameer Ali (Masters in Clinical Counseling)
Kazim Hasan (Bachelors in Nuclear Engineering)
Aleeta Imran (Bachelors in Accounting )
Arsalan Haider Khan (Masters in Business Administration)
Syed Hyder Jaffari (Bachelors in Electrical Engineering)
Sakina Jaffer (Bachelors in Speech Sciences)
Aliasgar Jaffer (Bachelors in Computer Information Systems)
Syed Irtaza Haider (Masters in Business Administration)
Imaan Visram (Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering)
Rumsha Raza (Bachelors in Public Health)
Hadi Hammoud (Masters in Public Administration)
Mustafa Hussain (Masters in Business Analytics)
Talib Haider (PharmD)
Furwa Haider (Bachelors in Business Administration)
Hussain Awan (JD)
Sofia Abbas (Masters in Communications Disorders)
Bisma Ali (Masters in Optometery)