About Us


Anjuman Wazifa traces it’s history to over 100 years ago where in 1912, Haji Jalaluddin Haider and Nawab Mohsen Mirza started the original organization in India to serve needy and deserving students in their local community to be able to pursue education. At the time when Sir Syed’s Muslim University at Aligarh was gaining popularity in India, Anjuman’s initiative gave a boost to those bright students who did not have the means to continue higher education. This commitment to help deserving students gained momentum as more and more people joined the Anjuman and helped with finances and other available resources — above all, with selfless propagation of Anjuman’s cause.

Continuing the Tradition

Nearly 8 decades later, the Anjuman Wazifa North America was formed in 1990 to continue the advancement of the community through investment in the academic development of its youth. Today the Anjuman continues the glorious tradition of passing on the standard of knowledge to future generations, while demonstrating to them with their efforts how to preserve, develop and transmit knowledge to the generations to come.

Board of Advisors:

  • Dr. Nasir Zaidi
  • Dr. Saeed Bokhari
  • Dr. Yusufali Mamdani
  • Mr. Hasan Momin
  • Mr. Khurshid Raza
  • Mr. Rizwan Kazmi

Board of Directors:

  • Mr. Maqbool Ladak
  • Mr. Waheeb Rizvi – Treasurer
  • Mr. Mohamed Haider – Secretary General
  • Mr. Shiraz Husain – President
  • Mr. Shehryar Haider

Regional Representatives:

  • Dr. Akhtar Naqvi – Maryland
  • Dr. Javed Bhojani – Illinois
  • Mr. Azhar Hasan – Texas
  • Mr. Yousuf Haider – California
  • Mr. Masud Naqvi – Georgia
  • Zafreen Jaffry – Florida

Executive Committee:

  • Mrs. Erum Ladak
  • Mr. Faisal Ladak
  • Mr. Zeshan Azam – Assistant Treasurer
  • Abid Mumtaz
  • Shazia Momin


  • Mr. Reza Haider
  • Mr. Zakir Syed
  • Mr. Faizan Syed
  • Mr. Faraz Hamedani