The Shia community in the USA has grown many folds in the last couple of decades and Alhamdolillah, the community has become much more prosperous over the years. Education has played a pivotal role in the growth of the community and the Anjuman takes great pride in having played its vital role in the uplift of the community. Today, we have well educated professionals from our community in a diverse academic and professional fields. Yet this is the beginning of the journey. We have a long road ahead of us to reach the point of excellence and to the point where we become impossible to be ignored for our academic and professional expertise would be far superior to others and no academic or professional setting would be complete without the addition of the followers of the Baab e Madinatul Ilm.

The Anjuman, for the last 30 years, has been providing financial assistance to the meritorious students in our community and has been facilitating achievement of higher education.

The growth in the number of Shia families, however,  has also multiplied the need for required financial assistance and therefore, we request you to assist the Anjuman with your donations, memberships, Khums and Yadgar Funds. Every dollar donated to the Anjuman is used for making interest free loans to the students in the community.

The Anjuman takes a long term view of things and we provide sustained support to the students to complete their studies. We would rather enable students to pursue and finish their degrees over the course of years rather than providing short term, unsustainable band aid solutions which do not provide the students the full ability to complete their 4, 5, 6 or 7 year degrees. The best part is that our formula works! We recycle the funds from loans to loans rather than coming back to the donors every month. A dollar donated to the Anjuman turns over almost 10 times in the lifetime of a member/donor.

You can play a role in building the strong and self sustaining community too by becoming a member of the Anjuman and enabling every child in our community in reaching the highest possible points in their professional and  academic pursuits.

You will not help the students but you will help families of today and families of tomorrow.